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Sea-Lick Pre-Calver

Designed for both beef & dairy systems for the latter stages of pregnancy

The Sealick Pre-calver bucket is full of valuable supplements needed during the dry period for both dairy and suckler cow systems.

With a low level of calcium and a high level of magnesium, our pre-calver can be used in conjunction with a balanced dry cow diet.  Our Sealick Pre-calver contains Seaweed meal, which is a natural and more digestible source of vital vitamins and minerals that help support the health and growth development of your cattle.

This molasses and seaweed mineral lick is designed to be fed on a free-choice basis in the last 4-6 weeks of pregnancy where daily intakes are typically 100-200g per head.

With the added yeast within this product enables the high level of specific sugars called mannan oligosaccharides (MOS) and beta glucans, with some independent research showing this will stimulate the immune system and improve colostrum quality and yield.

So, broken down, here are the key features your cattle would benefit from:

  • Seaweed Meal – a natural source of vital vitamins & minerals which contains beneficial sugars to support healthy growth & development.
  • Naturally high in Iodine
  • Natural = More Digestible
  • MOS – designed to improve gut condition & efficacy
  • An additional source of Selenium & Vitamin E to aid colostrum quality & calf vitality
  • Low in calcium and high in magnesium to stimulate the cow’s metabolism and help reduce the risk of milk fever
  • Contains a unique yeast cell wall, designed to improve gut health
  •  Promotes easier calving
  •  Designed to increase colostrum quality and yield

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