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Minvit – Tonic for Lambs   

Minvit contains highest levels of all the essential trace elements and vitamins necessary to supplement lambs grazing on deficient pasture. It contains all the necessary elements, but avoids the high cost of including elements that are either unnecessary for lambs, or that are in abundance in all UK pastures.  Some would have you believe that the use of chelated ingredients sustains the supplement in lambs for up to 6 months! This is absolutely not true. Chelates are only of benefit in sustaining trace element status if they are supplemented continuously. Minvit avoids the use of expensive chelates (except where necessary for formulation purposes), yet has been independently proven to enhance growth of lambs grazing on deficient pasture.


Provides 7.2mg per 30kg lamb
The highest levels of cobalt contribute to Vitamin B12, a component of haemoglobin (the oxygen carrier in blood). The change in blood volume of lambs growing from 10kg to 40kg in the space of 3-4 months is huge, and reflects a massive requirement for haemoglobin, and hence cobalt. Regularly supplementing with Minvit will provide high levels of cobalt needed.


Provides 3mg per 30kg lamb
Selenium is essential to protect cells from free radical attack. Cell division is never greater in sheep than when lambs are growing and developing their immune system. Supplementing a correct amount of selenium ensures lambs develop strong muscle tissue and a robust immune system. Selenium can be toxic, so an appropriate level is included in Minvit, for 4-6 week supplementing.


Minvit No Copper provides 18mg per 30kg lamb
Of more importance in adult breeding animals, iodine is nevertheless important in ensuring correct rumen function and development of the thyroid gland in growing lambs. Minvit can be beneficial in ewes immediately prior to lambing.

Vitamin E

Provides 120mg per 30kg lamb
High levels of Vitamin E – stabilises cell walls and protects important immune response cells. Important if immune-naïve lambs are to build antibody reserves to combat infections.

Vitamin D3 & A

Provides 720mg Vit.D3 & 12,000iu Vit.A per 30kg lamb
Vitamin D3 – helps the absorption of calcium, important for bone growth in rapidly growing lambs.
Vitamin A involved in bone development, immunity & vision. Deficiency can result in poor appetite.

Vitamin B1

Provides 60mg per 30kg lamb
Levels decline in more mature grass. Deficiency can lead to nervous disorders such as poor leg coordination, poor growth, poor appetite etc.


Minvit With Copper provides 28.8mg per 30kg lamb
Two varieties of Minvit
 – one No Copper, one With Copper.
Deficiency rarely shows up in blood tests, because copper is stored in the liver. Minvit with Copper contains a full supplement of copper, almost triple the level in some competitor products.
Users are advised to establish with a nutritionist or their professional advisor that their animals are deficient in copper, before using this variety of Minvit.
Minvit With Copper should be administered slowly and carefully, ensuring animals have ready access to water.

Trials conducted at Kirkley Hall Agricultural College, Ponteland showed a 7% increase in live weight gain from 4-6 weekly supplementation with Minvit in comparison to no supplements.

However, Mike Northwood Head Shepherd at the college commented “the lambs have never looked better, they’re a world apart from those not given Minvit”

Administration Rates

20kg Live Weight

4ml by mouth

30kg Live Weight

6ml by mouth

40kg Live Weight

8ml by mouth

50kg Live Weight

10ml by mouth

60kg Live Weight

12ml by mouth


Pack Sizes

  • 2.5 Litres sufficient for 625 lambs of 20kg
  • 5 Litres sufficient for 833 lambs of 30kg
How to compare trace element drenches
  1. Note the “Composition per Litre” or “Content per Litre” for each nutritional component in milligrams per Litre, or iu (International Units) for most vitamins.
  2. Divide this figure by 1000 and multiply by the ‘dosage’ volume in millilitres for a 50kg sheep.
  3. This will give you a ‘dosage’ in milligrams or iu, of each component from that product.
  4. Perform the same calculation from your price per pack, and compare with Nutripharm brands.

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