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While having a discussion with a client it was brought to our attention that lambs weren’t thriving as they should be whilst on the hoppers. WORMS were our client’s main suspect in poor lamb performance.

After examining the lambs visually, no clinical signs of a high worm burden was present, other than lambs not thriving as they should. Dull fleeces & maybe not the thrift. Rather than targeting this batch of lambs with a wormer straight away we took faecal samples from the lambs and using our FECPAK facility we were able to have results within a few hours. Not surprisingly the worm egg count results were very very low.

Our concern was the lack of cobalt in these growing lambs. On this occasion we recommend our client to dose the lambs with the Minvit no copper and an Allguard Cobalt Pellet which lasts 6-8 weeks. The over-use of anthelmintics is a growing concern, it can be ineffective, very costly & could cause future problems with resistant worms on your pastures!

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