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Unsure what could benefit your lambing season?

We’re here to help!

We are hearing so often this season concerns about the withdrawal of the antibiotic “Spectam” and “what can we use instead ?”

Here at NutriGrow we left Spectam behind several years ago and began using Provita Lamb Response and have never looked back.

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We have lambed 100 – 150 ewes each year over this time, not huge numbers by any means but we do struggle for indoor space so hygiene and disease build-up, especially towards the end of lambing is a challenge.

We are very strict when dealing with the newborns, Dose of Lamb Response, navel dipped and a belly full of colostrum, job done.


Lamb Response is administered to all newborn lambs as soon as they are born, any multiple borns (triplets) or anything which may not have received colostrum as they should will be given a second dose a couple of hours after birth, this works for us.

Lamb Response is a probiotic, the simple way to describe its use to me is this …… A lamb is born with a sterile gut and administering lamb Response early we are introducing “good bugs” which helps the lamb gain a good gut flora enabling the lamb to fight off any “bad bugs” it may pick up from its environment including the mother’s teats from its first suckle.

Also it’s a great aid to give a shot after any therapeutic antibiotic treatment a lamb may need, as that antibiotic will kill off the “good bugs” as well as the “bad bugs”

This oral supplement provides the beneficial bacteria, egg powder proteins and vitamins to prevent upsets and kick-start the newborn lamb.

Main Benefits:       

  • The high level of beneficial bacteria rapidly colonises the digestive tract and exclude harmful bacteria from attaching to the gut wall.
  • Supplements the beneficial bacteria.
  • To counter common deficiencies in newborn lambs.
  • Provides readily available energy to kick-start the newborn lamb’s metabolism and get it up and sucking earlier.
  • Accurate and easy to use.

Here at Nutrigrow would not be without Lamb Response, with this handy-sized bottle that fits in your pocket, why not purchase yours today!!

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