Tk-Double-D Gel Hoof Spray


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TK Double D Gel is a hoof spray designed for spot-on use on individual cows & sheep.

Can be used when foot trimming or sprayed onto the back of the hoof in cattle.

In sheep, spray between the claws.

Contains no formalin, no antibiotics, no copper and no zinc.

500ml Spray Bottle

Tk-Double-D Gel Hoof Spray designed for spot-on use on individual cows and sheep.

Contains no formalin, no antibiotics, no copper and no zinc but it does contain two disinfectants, plus surfactants to help them work better. This is where its good results stem from, over plain disinfectants or antibiotics.

Effective control of lameness is about attention to detail. Both for the whole herd and for individual animals.

An untreated infected hoof risks quickly spreading further infection to other animals. Bacteria are presenting a constant infection risk and effective footbathing is essential.

Helping animals spotted to have a foot problem calls for prompt examination. Very likely to be needed will be application of an effective bactericidal agent.

TK-Double-D Gel Hoof Spray is an effective bactericidal. The active chemicals are known as QACs (quaternary ammonium compounds).

QACs are widely used in food processing and human health protection as a potent means of killing bacteria. Importantly, QACs are not antibiotics.

TK Double D Gel Hoof Spray is designed to be quick and easy to dispense from a handy 500 ml bottle (enough for 250 applications).

Just aim the spray at the centre of the affected area.

In sheep, clean the area between the claws with a piece of paper towel first if needed.

In cattle, the treatment can be directed onto the back of individual hooves without the need for lifting the foot. The suction tube can be removed so the spray works when the bottle is inverted.

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