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Size: 4kg

Empower your livestock with Supreme Finisher, a remarkable, high-potency blend of essential amino acids Lysine and Methionine, complemented by Selenium and Vitamin E. This unique formulation is precisely engineered to drive robust muscle growth and help, to  improve meat quality, readying your livestock for superior performance

  • A meticulously formulated feed supplement combining Selenium, Vitamin E, Lysine, and Methionine, providing an all-inclusive nutritional solution tailored to support optimal livestock health, growth and performance.
  • By supplying essential amino acids Lysine and Methionine, the supplement promotes robust growth and development, ensuring your livestock are in peak condition for shows and sales and maximising profit margins.
  • A unique blend of Selenium and Vitamin E provides powerful antioxidant support, protecting your animals against oxidative stress, maintaining optimal immune function and supporting overall animal health.
  • This specially formulated feed supplement helps mitigate the physiological stress animals experience during high-performance periods such as pre-slaughter finishing, improving overall performance and productivity.
  • The unique formulation contributes to improved meat quality at slaughter, including marbling, colour, and oxidative stability, increasing the overall market value of the livestock and helping meet stringent industry standards.

Directions For Use

To be mixed into feed daily.

Cattle: 50g.

Yearlings: 25g.

Small Calves: 12.5g.

Sheep: 12.5g.

Lambs: 5g.


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Size: 4kg