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Vitamin E and Selenium Drench for Good Quality Meat & Milk.

Solu-E is a complete balanced, high specification drench with extra Vitamin E and Selenium. Research has shown that feeding extra Vitamin E can improve the colour and shelf life of meat, as well as maintain the performance and health of the stock.

All of our drenches are 100% bio-available, absorbed in the digestive tract faster and more effectively than standard drenches.



• Nutritionally maintains liver, heart and skeletal muscle integrity.

• Helps the animal produce good quality milk.

• Helps maintain good udder health.


Quantity per 1 Litre:

83applications or 333 days – Small Animals

50 applications or 250 days – Lambs

27applications or 166 days – Sheep, Goats or Growing Pigs

20 applications or 125 days – Calves

10 applications or 50-100 days – Cattle



Small Animals – 12ml application or 3ml per animal, per day.

Lambs – 20ml application or 4ml per animal, per day.

Sheep, Goats or Growing Pigs – 36ml application or 6ml per animal, per day.

Calves – 50ml application or 8ml per animal, per day.

Cattle – 100ml application or 10 -20ml per animal, per day.

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Available In:: 1Ltr