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Complementary feeding stuff suitable for Ewes, Tups and Lambs with MACC…

Sheep-Boost is a complementary feeding stuff suitable for Ewes, Tups and Lambs with MACC Chelates and Omega 3 Oil.

Sheep-Boost is a highly concentrated supplement that provides essential nutrients for improved fertility and performance in sheep, rams, and lambs. Sheep Boost contains fully protected MACC chelates, which are highly bioavailable, ensuring maximum nutrient absorption. These chelated minerals, vitamins, antioxidants, and trace elements are all essential for the health and growth of your flock.

Composition Per 1 Litre:
Vitamin A 6,000,000iu Vitamin D3 600,000iu Vitamin E 12,000iu
Niacin 2,722mg Vitamin B1 2,250mg Vitamin B2 1,500mg
Pantothenic Acid 1,250mg Vitamin C/ L-ascorbic acid 841mg Vitamin K 250mg
Folic Acid 127mg Omega 3 120mg Vitamin B12 12,500mg
Biotin 3,000mg Zinc Chelate 5,600mg Iodine 3,000mg
Rosemary Extract 2,000mg Manganese Chelate 1,850mg Cobalt (From Chloride)


Selenium 30mg Propylene Glycol



Sheep-Boost Directions for use:

Ewes- 15ml per adult 70kg Ewes

Lambs up to 10kg – 3ml

Lambs up to 20kg – 5ml

Rams – 15

Usage: For all breeding stock prior to mating and before lambing. For all lambs at 4-6 week intervals.

Health & Safety: No known or anticipated hazard

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Available In:: 1Ltr