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Why use SCCL-Calf-Colostrum supplement or replacer?

  • Herd colostrum may be unsafe because of the presence of infectious diseases such as Johnes, BVD, BLV, Salmonella, and others.
  • Quantity or quality of available colostrum may be highly variable.
  • Not enough labour to properly collect, test, store, and feed herd colostrum.
  • In high value or high risk calves with circumstances such as dystocia or cold temperature, calves need extra, good quality colostrum fast that’s high in immunoglobulins and natural colostral fat.
  • To assure every calf receives their first feed as soon as possible after birth to cover energy and immunity needs.

SCCL-Calf-Colostrum is available in 700g sachets

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