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Boluses for dairy cows containing Calcium, Magnesium & Vitamin D3 for use on the day of calving.

Calcium mobilisation from the cow’s body at calving can lag behind the sudden increase in demand for calcium created by the udder as it begins producing milk for the newborn calf.

This can cause the blood calcium level to fall and result in a case of milk fever (hypocalcaemia). A fall to half of the normal level of calcium is a serious and potentially fatal situation that can happen within hours of calving down.

More common than cases of milk fever is sub-clinical hypocalcaemia which may have no symptoms yet herd studies have shown that up to half of dairy cows can be affected by sub-clinical hypocalcaemia after each calving.

Sub-clinical levels of lower than normal blood calcium immediately after calving increase the risk of a number of problems including:

  • milk fever
  • metritis
  • retained cleansing
  • endometritis or white

FreshCalc Calcium D3 Boluses deliver two forms of calcium to the newly calved cow with calcium entering the bloodstream within minutes, one form aids the absorption of calcium from other sources.

Vitamin D3 is vital for absorbing calcium from the gut and FreshCalc Calcium D3 Boluses contain D3 to help the cow in maintaining her calcium balance after calving.

FreshCalc Calcium D3 Boluses are available in either 20 or 125 quantity tubs.

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Size: 20 boli